LPG: for every season there is ButanGas

LPG, energy always at hand

ButanGas Romania supplies LPG in different-sized cylinders and tanks, according to the diverse needs of your household. LPG is a safe and versatile fuel that will allow you to cook, have hot water, heat or cool your home and accompany you in your leisure time.

The propane that ButanGas Romania provides is an efficient and low-cost alternative source of energy.

The advantages of using propane

  • High heating value, greater than methane gas;
  • Low cost: provides complete combustion with dangerous particulates. Implicitly, this reduces the cost of maintaining latest-generation equipment;
  • Provides a high yield of over 90%;
  • Provides total independence, unlike other sources of energy;
  • Provides constant heat;
  • Does not pollute the environment.

ButanGas Romania sells its propane in two delivery formats:

  • In high-capacity tanks (of 990-5000 litres of nominal capacity) that can be installed above ground;
  • In 33.5kg-capacity cylinders, held in racks of four, six or eight cylinders, ideal for premises that are small or hard to access.

Ask questions and get advice from our consultants so we can work out together what is the best way of supplying energy to your household.

Heating and Cooling

By heating the home with propane from ButanGas you have all its benefits as well as a promise that it is clean, safe and always available. Thanks to ButanGas propane and with the help of a cutting-edge team, you have not just heat in winter but also cool air in summer.

Producing hot water for the home

You can have water, heated by ButanGas propane from a tank or a 33.5kg-cylinder, and enjoy all the advantages of using this kind of fuel.


And in the kitchen too, choose LPG and its high heating value for a high yield and shorter cooking time, saving you money.

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