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LPG, energy always at hand

Continuous development with the most efficient equipment has made ButanGas Romania one of the leaders in LPG distribution both for domestic and industrial use, cross the three distribution channels: cylinders, tanks and LPG for cars.

LPG for home

ButanGas supplies LPG in different-sized cylinders and small tanks, according to the different needs of your household. A safe and versatile fuel that lets you cook, have hot water or heat or air-condition your home.

LPG for company

ButanGas brings a new kind of energy to companies. It is cheap, efficient, environmentally friendly and meets your needs.

ButanGas Romania provides companies with specialist assistance to identify the best solutions for your requirements by analysing your consumption and energy needs.

Thanks to its characteristics, LPG is used in Ho.Re.Ca. and in many industrial sectors.

LPG Transport

ButanGas supplies LPG for cars to the whole country through its own distribution stations and partner distributors, with a guarantee of competitive pricing and efficient service.

An increasing number of car drivers are discovering the advantages of LPG:

  • An extremely efficient and environmentally friendly fuel.
  • A low cost of use in comparison to other fuels.


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