LPG: for every season there is ButanGas

LPG for your company

ButanGas brings new energy to businesses. It is cheap, efficient, environmentally friendly and meets your needs.

ButanGas Romania provides specialist assistance to identify the best solutions for your requirements by analysing your consumption and energy needs. Thanks to its properties, LPG has over 2000 applications in all areas, including industry, agriculture and hospitality.

ButanGas shares its resources and know-how and collaborates with major partners from different sectors to jointly identify possible areas of use and their consumption and energy needs. Furthermore, because of the production process, LPG use is more efficient, simpler, cleaner and cheaper.

Propane can be used in almost all industries, from the primary to tertiary sector:


• Flow of parts
• Heat treatment
• Glass and ceramics industry (kilns)
• Construction materials industry
• Plastics industry
• Drainage pipes for buildings
• Bitumen and asphalt production stations
• Oxyfuel cutting


• Food preparation
• Air-conditioning units
• Supplying domestic hot water
• Technological steam in dry cleaners
• Heating and maintaining the temperature of swimming pools
• Heating and maintaining the temperature of outdoor heaters in beer gardens
• Supplying heat


• Drying grain, fodder, tobacco, etc.
• Pork and bird farms
• Technological steam for abattoirs
• Processing and preserving meat and meat production
• Processing and preserving fish products
• Greenhouse vegetable production
• Processing and preserving fruit and vegetables


• Coffee processing
• Plant and animal oil production processes
• Fruit juice production processes
• Dairy product production processes
• Sweets, bakery and breakfast cereal production processes
• Spirits distillation processes
• Ice-cream industry processes
• Bread factories

Commercial sector (shops, warehouses, etc.)

• Supplying thermal agent
• Supplying domestic hot water
• Air conditioning systems
• Powering forklifts

LPG cylinders
LPG tanks
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