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Industrial solutions

ButanGas provides new energy to companies: cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly, tailored to your goals.
ButanGas makes available its resources, knowledge and collaboration with the leading industry partners from various sectors in order to identify, together with the companies, the possible areas of use and the consumption and energy needs, and also to evaluate proposals for efficient production processes that, due to the use of LPG, are simple, clean and inexpensive.


The propane from ButanGas is an excellent and cost-effective fuel:

  • full burning (free of hazardous NOx, particulate matters and residues)
  • minimum maintenance costs of the user’s equipment (heating plants, stoves, forced convection air heaters, boilers, etc.)
  • high output compared to methane gas
  • full independence from other energy sources
  • permanent thermal comfort
  • it does not pollute the environment


The constant output of the product makes propane the ideal fuel for sectors where high caloric power and continuous and constant output are required in the production process at the place of use. Propane has applications in almost any industry: from food to: metallurgy, glass, paper, ceramics, precious metals, sludge drying and waste water treatment, leather processing, heat treatment of metals, heat treatment in the footwear industry, plastics processing and thermoforming, paint drying, expanded resin processing, bituminous conglomerate production and more. All you need to do is to contact us to find the right solution for your needs.


Propane plays a fundamental role in the agricultural and zootechnical sector with uses such as:

in poultry and pig farms – even heat distribution
in cereal & fruit drying
in greenhouses – optimal carbon fertilization provided by GLP increases the leaf mass of plants
in tobacco industry, coffee industry


The need for high and constant efficiency, the ability to use all the equipment often make propane the ideal fuel for activities such as: hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, SPAs. The propane from ButanGas is a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly ally of the tourism industry.


Due to its features, LPG is highly suitable for this type of energy conversion where the primary energy, LPG, produces heat, electricity and cold with significantly lower losses, pollution and energy bills.
Polygeneration (in current projects, especially in greenhouses) is the process that not only generates heat, cold, electricity, but also recovers CO2 emissions from the combustion of LPG and feeds them back into the greenhouse for better plant growth.

Automotive sector

The world is mobilizing to find alternatives to traditional fuels (gasoline and Diesel) that are among the factors most responsible (25%) for air pollution.

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