ButanGas was the first to introduce propane storage tanks to the Romanian market, thanks to the benefits and the great success this system enjoys in Europe.

Depending on your requirements and needs, the tanks are delivered together with their related equipment and can have the following capacities: 1000 liters, 1750 liters, 3000 liters and 5000 liters. Maintaining the storage tanks in ButanGas property offers CONSUMERS full guarantee of their safe operation through maintenance, repairs and interventions. Storage tanks are designed and produced in accordance with the latest technology standards that provide highest operation safety.
The propane supplied by ButanGas is an efficient and economical source because it is multifunctional, has a high heat output and is affordable

Whether you are building your home, cultivating the land or rearing livestock, WE answer all your needs.
Cost-effective: full burning (free of NOx and particulate matters, secondary residues) and, implicitly, the maintenance costs of the user’s equipment are minimum (electrical plants, stoves, forced convection heaters, boilers, etc.);
• High output compared to methane gas
• Full independence from other energy sources
• Permanent thermal comfort
• Ensures a non-polluted environment.

• Long-term operation, without expensive repairs
• Low wear rate: using a corrosion and impurity-free fuel if you have a cogeneration/trigeneration plant;
• Adaptability: used for a series of specific equipment and in different conditions of outdoor temperature, ensuring (including in wintertime) proper vaporization for continuous operation of the plant.