Station fuel with LPG ButanGas


Autogas is constantly gaining ground in the competition against traditional fuels. The largest car manufacturers invest important amounts in projects aimed at developing engines that use this type of fuel. Thus, year after year, we saw the consumption of autogas increasing significantly.
ButanGas Romania is a pioneer of autogas use in Romania, as it was the first to apply for licensing of this service. By constantly opening new LPG delivery stations across the countries where it operates, ButanGas Romania is a pioneer of this distribution channel.
Implementation of autogas supply in Romania by ButanGas has proven to be a genuine success on the domestic market. ButanGas Romania provides autogas distribution equipment (skid) and maintenance, checks and intervention services.

The benefits of using LPG as compared to classical fuels are:
• Lower prices compared to gasoline (by 50-60%);
• The installation and the storage tank are equipped with security systems, which make them much safer than gasoline tanks in case of impact;
• Eco fuel that reduces NOx as compared to gasoline and Diesel fuel;
• Ensures long operation of engines because it is free of polluting particles;
• Does not favor carbon deposits;
• Does not cause carbon knocks.